Nha Trang Beach, Cheapest in Vietnam

It was a sultry Sunday when I arrived in Nha Trang beach from a long haul of Easy Rider in Vietnam. Distant traveled was over 800km by the mountainous route.

Despite the sweltering heat from the afternoon sun, it wasn’t as dry and windless as a vacuum box. Sea breeze from Nha Trang beach is a b-l-e-s-s-i-n-g and has an immersing experience.

Neither with main nor might, the winds carrying the briny warm air inland while rustling leaves chorus from the tall standing palm trees. Even so relaxing with the sweet sounding of sea waves.

The water nearing to the golden sand was calm like a rippling blanket of brouche-blue. Far out, the wave was tidal but gentle. Good sign of salinity like those from the deep blue ocean in the pacific.

Nha Trang beach is geographically located at three-quater distant south from Hanoi. The beach faces east towards Pacific Ocean on the broadest section of the vast land in Vietnam.

This beautiful golden-sand beach is rated as one of the cheapest beaches in the world and it never dissapoints any traveler who loves to indulge in a carefree life there.

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